Strolling in Snow the Strollercize PLOW way!

NYC just had a big snow storm and the city and it’s Mayor Bloomberg were a bit overwhelmed. Well try being a new mom in this big city pushing a stroller. Let’s call it stroll ploy and leave the stress to us.  Pushing a stroller in the snow, is much tougher than anyone knows. I know, 12 years of stroller pushing in NYC with two kids.  Cars and trucks may be stranded in the boroughs but a mom stuck on a Manhattan corner with a baby in a stroller is a 911 call. I drowning in my tears, I can’t cross the street.  So, leave your tears in the melting curbs and lets plow on and go with the “snow”.

Tips for stroll plowing:

  • Dress to plow and push and wear waterproof boots with tread. You slip, your butt is in a puddle of slush and the stroller is mom less.
  • Put on that silly little wrist band so you and stroller are connected.
  • Put the plastic cover on the stroller to protect the baby’s face from what ever is not tied down.  Ask “Chicken Little”.
  • Lock the swivel in your front wheels so you stroller is strong to plow & push through the snow and ice.
  • Push down on the handle bars. Too many wheels can also be a problem, cut the traction, so do that  triceps push down on the handle bars and push with just two wheels. You will look like a farm girl in the big city with a “Wheel barrel” called your stroller.
  • Keep your weight forward so if you do slip. If it gets really bad, you can turn around and strut back! We have practiced this move all season, now use it.
  • Oh, and that “Ice Hill” thing. You thought I was nuts to have an exercise called “Ice Hill”.  No, not nuts.  But if you have nuts, (a protein snack that should be in every stroller for a new mom), throw some of those nuts down on the ground in front of the stroller wheels like sand in front of a car and plow home or head to Strollercize class.

Don’t be a flake in the snow mom. You have trained to be fit to push and plow.

NYC moms, please note: Steets that are best on snow days. Park Avenue, 5th Avenue, 3rd Avenue, Broadway. Stay away from Lex! Oh, and wear sun glasses the glare is intense and who needs early Botox???



About A Fit Mom

Elizabeth Trindade is a unique fitness instructor as she finds ways to get fit during certain phases of life. For Instance while be pregnant, Preparing To Push®, After Baby, Strollercize®, after the Stroller, A FIT MOM and after a divorce The Breakup Workout! She Strolls Fit through life and it is all for her three great kids. She started Strollercize® in NYC. Dancer, author, member of S.A.G. and now the inventor of the greatest ab and core toning tool, The RollerSizeR®. She has been teaching and training instructors for over 19 years. It is fitness and dance, prayer and her faith that makes how she trains so special. She currently Certifies Trainers to become Strollercize Instructors throughout the country.
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One Response to Strolling in Snow the Strollercize PLOW way!

  1. Emily says:

    Thanks for a great class Lizzie! I was able to navigate my stroller through the snow, thanks to you! I went to Sports Authority and got a pair of hiking boots. They will help with the slipping and sliding. Looking forward to trying them out at class today!


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