Strollercize Pancakes? Not Hot BUNS!

I was dressed to hike Central Park and lead the class in the snow. I was ready to melt fat and muffins. It was so cold this winter that I had to keep the moms moving constantly to keep them warm. The babies were all fine as they were under plastics and totally toasty. I even had them use their “tush cush” so we could sit on ice just to get some gut work. What a winter.  This winter I should have taught ski class. But instead, I told moms to wear hiking boots and they dug in for push ups. We slipped and skated the icy paths holding on to our strollers.

My daughter teaches skating class at Wollman Rink and I have to say, those that are learning to skate should  hold on to a strollers on the ice rink. But one thing is for sure, we melt muffins, we burned buns and we will NOT have a Pancake butt. Happy Pancake day.



About A Fit Mom

Elizabeth Trindade is a unique fitness instructor as she finds ways to get fit during certain phases of life. For Instance while be pregnant, Preparing To Push®, After Baby, Strollercize®, after the Stroller, A FIT MOM and after a divorce The Breakup Workout! She Strolls Fit through life and it is all for her three great kids. She started Strollercize® in NYC. Dancer, author, member of S.A.G. and now the inventor of the greatest ab and core toning tool, The RollerSizeR®. She has been teaching and training instructors for over 19 years. It is fitness and dance, prayer and her faith that makes how she trains so special. She currently Certifies Trainers to become Strollercize Instructors throughout the country.
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