Are you a fit mom?

What is an un fit mother? Most of us think of an abusive mom who deglects their kids. A mom that is not fit to be able to take care of their children. In my world a un fit mom is a mom that can’t take care of herself. Therefore she probably is having a tough time taking care of anyone let alone her baby, her kids or her family. This new life, the mom life, you can’t quit. Once you start,  It requires energy, patience, a steadfast way, calm, breathing, quietness, strength and a balancing act not scene at the circus! Sounds like a Yoga moment to me or a Strollercize class doing a “Swan Dive”. So…???? You have this baby and you are FIT? No, no instructions, no manual, no pamphlet is handed out at the hospital that is titled HOW TO BE A FIT MOM? Three easy steps. In fact, where is the book, “Motherhood for Dummies? Do I have to write that? Real simple! Take care of yourself first or the rest of the family is in big trouble. This new mom life requires the ability to survive with little sleep, little time for yourself and the ability to juggle more balls than your RollerSizer!

When the baby is first in your life, in time you will be second..and your partner will be last. I know…I did not have Strollercize when I became a new mom. So I messed it all up! I now know, I am first, my husband (if I had one) is second, by children are third, fourth, fifth and the dog. Why? Cause that is the balance in A fit moms life. That is why I like my moms to workout with their husbands, to  have date night or even better, give them a big hug or a juicy kiss and be in the moment of love with your family.  I know your day is long, hard and busy. But you were blessed to be there cause you found love and don’t ever forget how great that is to being A FIT MOM. Ok…you better get to class cause your ass counts on it!


About A Fit Mom

Elizabeth Trindade is a unique fitness instructor as she finds ways to get fit during certain phases of life. For Instance while be pregnant, Preparing To Push®, After Baby, Strollercize®, after the Stroller, A FIT MOM and after a divorce The Breakup Workout! She Strolls Fit through life and it is all for her three great kids. She started Strollercize® in NYC. Dancer, author, member of S.A.G. and now the inventor of the greatest ab and core toning tool, The RollerSizeR®. She has been teaching and training instructors for over 19 years. It is fitness and dance, prayer and her faith that makes how she trains so special. She currently Certifies Trainers to become Strollercize Instructors throughout the country.
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