What is the best jogging stroller out there?

I have a certified instructor “mom” who wants to get a new stroller. I am always going to go with one stroller fits all which is a Bugabo, City Mini or a Combi but you runners and joggers out there what do you like. Share your expertise.


About A Fit Mom

Elizabeth Trindade is a unique fitness instructor as she finds ways to get fit during certain phases of life. For Instance while be pregnant, Preparing To Push®, After Baby, Strollercize®, after the Stroller, A FIT MOM and after a divorce The Breakup Workout! She Strolls Fit through life and it is all for her three great kids. She started Strollercize® in NYC. Dancer, author, member of S.A.G. and now the inventor of the greatest ab and core toning tool, The RollerSizeR®. She has been teaching and training instructors for over 19 years. It is fitness and dance, prayer and her faith that makes how she trains so special. She currently Certifies Trainers to become Strollercize Instructors throughout the country.
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2 Responses to What is the best jogging stroller out there?

  1. The Schwinn Turismo is another good one. The best thing about these strollers is that they’re so versatile, especially the ones with the swiveling front wheel. You can lock the wheel for running and release it for everyday activity. Also, some of the lower priced ones work just as well as the higher priced ones.


  2. tfranklin08 says:

    It depend on how “serious” of a runner she is. If she is truly “serious” she may want to look into a fixed wheel jogger. Some of the best, and also most expensive, are the BOB Ironman, and the Baby Jogger F.I.T. As for the less expensive “true” jogger, she should look into the Schwinn Free Runner, or the Jeep Overland.


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