The Excuse List for moms who do not workout.

Have lunch with the girls or workout? Shop for baby over work out. Make a doctor appointment during the hours of workout time. Organize the house or workout? Too much to do? The weather is a bit rainy. The baby just had shots. I have company coming? Furniture delivery today or the cable guy?  The list is so long. Do not forget you also need to blame the weather. The gym you joined you froze the membership cause you were having a baby so now you can’t workout cause they do not allow babies. That works cause otherwise you would say the gym it too far away. You actually took on a new pass time, looking for ways to not workout.

A month goes by and you have not worked out. This is your new life you have set the new pattern. It will stay like this probably for the rest of your life. You are now set on the path to stroll down as a not fit mom. Once a mom let’s fitness slide after she has a baby that is when she kisses her sexy fit life away. It is very, very, very hard to get back.  Once you have the doctors OK to workout,  you should make the times in your calendar to workout each week before the new baby’s life takes you on a whirl away from working out. If you want to be A FIT MOM, set three days you workout. You do not care where it is or where it happens but it is happening. It should be in your daily language. I need to get my workout in today. Three days, thirty minutes a time is good. If you miss a day you have a make up day. Just remember someone is following your lead, your walk in life, they have their eye on you.  That someone is your baby. You are showing your baby your commitment to working out or NOT. Think about it? If your baby could talk and express their feelings it would sound like this my mom does not work out, I never see her workout, must not be that important. When I grow up, I am going to be just like mom.


About A Fit Mom

Elizabeth Trindade is a unique fitness instructor as she finds ways to get fit during certain phases of life. For Instance while be pregnant, Preparing To Push®, After Baby, Strollercize®, after the Stroller, A FIT MOM and after a divorce The Breakup Workout! She Strolls Fit through life and it is all for her three great kids. She started Strollercize® in NYC. Dancer, author, member of S.A.G. and now the inventor of the greatest ab and core toning tool, The RollerSizeR®. She has been teaching and training instructors for over 19 years. It is fitness and dance, prayer and her faith that makes how she trains so special. She currently Certifies Trainers to become Strollercize Instructors throughout the country.
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2 Responses to The Excuse List for moms who do not workout.

  1. Elizabeth,

    Great examples of how easy it is to think of reasons, or excuses, why one could skip a workout. Most people assume that it has to be a long routine, 30 minutes or more. But in reality, if you just stuck with mini-sessions of about 10 minutes a day a few times a day, the results will really show.



  2. I’ve found it harder and harder to get any time to myself to get some exercise in after the baby, but I promise if you try hard enough, you WILL find the time and it will pay off in spades. Don’t give up moms!


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