Momvents S.O.S.

Each time I teach a class, I learn something new. After 17 years, I am still learning. How to get a mom to love the class when she is so busy being a mom, how to get her to class and how to make her commit to showing up to a fitness class, let alone, pack up a new baby, load the stroller, put it in the car and or just strut to Central Park. The journey is a workout. So the trainer has to be focused, provide a class they need for their body and their mind. Also show them in a short time, maybe nine classes, results! That is tough because they have to come three times a week for three weeks or the trainer does not have a chance to change that mothers’ body.

What makes a Strollercize classes effective is it has a set system of moves and a format that the moms can trust. Nothing new to learn in their already overwhelming world. They come to the class and roll into fitness. New moms are already learning so much. Just make fitness for a new mom simple. They will come because they can accomplish the fit task at hand!


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  1. shelby says:

    shelby here….we had a great class in carl shurz park….yesterday we were in central park and two babies wanted rollercizers….and we had no baby rollercizers… they played with mom’s big rollercizer….all kids want to be like mom and dad, right….but point is…..get them a rollercize ratller…TODAY…they like it…..they play with it….especially when they see work with yours……PS….did I mention what a great group of moms in my class…what a cool job! Hey it’s New York… GET THAT BABY A ROLLERCIzer Rattler….please….


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