Why I Strolled Fit In This Life!

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I  will not forget that night. I was lonely, tired and quite emotional. I was stir crazy and quite jealous that my husband was working at a fancy Italian Restaurant near Madison Avenue. I was stuck at home, alone with a Doberman, A New Baby and a Big Clunky Stroller! I decided to drag it down my NYC fourth floor walk-up. With my Newborn in tow. I had my Madonna music playing in my ears, “You Must Be A Super Star”! Yeh, Right! But the music made me move.  I began to dance behind my stroller. It was my rolling “ballet barre” and my answer to getting fit for Motherhood. My husband came up with the word while riding his bike behind my big butt while pushing up Park Avenue.  He yelled from behind “Mush, Mush, Mommy, Strollercize®”. That was April  1990. I called a lawyer the next day and it became a Registered Mark.

My Mother (Beverly Chaney, former Talent Manager to Brendan Fraser and Jim Caviezel)  told me to go build it and they would come. Strollercize was my “Field of Dreams” (Mom loved that Movie).  It took me four years, but I ended up employing seven instructors and ran 100 classes a month in Manhattan. My Mother died of Ovarian Cancer and I know she sees what she pushed me into from heaven. I was blessed with three kids all of which help me create the moves, the language and reason Y “I STROLL FIT”.

I was thinking about Franchising but found the cost to the Francee was too expensive. Truthfully not fare to the Franchises as it takes about six months to start to make any money let alone the costs to get it up and running and cost to Franchise. This is NOT a quick money fix. But it is for sure, the funnest most fulfilling business to offer, especially to New Moms. There were “CopyCat” companies that either bought my video or book and chose the Franchise route. It it works for them, Great. But the early 2000’s was NOT a good decade for Strollercize and to expand would be wrong for my family.  I went through a very tough divorce, expensive  and child custody issues were very complicated and my focus was kids and how to not have divorce hurt them too much emotionally. Also we had 9/11 and that made NYC a sad place to come and train, let alone visit.  Many Instructors did not want to travel to NYC to train and it was expensive to travel to the Big Apple. I put my business Aline Fitness and Strollercize on a slow growth process to handle LIFE.

Right when life was Strollercizing great. I decided that NYC was not the place for the future of Strollercize. It needed a headquarters and it needed to be in paradise. I moved to Florida, but I was not there long as my Dad needed help in his last years and well, OFF I went back to where I was born, Seattle, WA. I had a few Instructors, but again, did not want to grow fast as it would take away from the 100%, I was to give my Father. Three years went by and I moved back to paradise. During that time, I perfected my training, wrote more in The Wheel of Knowledge and now have a system for Instructor to learn how to be an amazing Strollercize Licensee. have the ability to grow After caring for my Dad in Seattle for three years, I retired S.W. Florida where my two boys from NYC have moved here with me and my fiancee.  I will be creating the first Indoor facility for Strollercize® Retreat and Training Camp. A place for Moms, Instructors to train and learn the information in The Wheel of Knowledge. It will also be the headquarters and factory for The RollerSizeR Tummy Toner which is used in all of our classes.

I waited for life to get on a stroll again and during that time I wrote The Strollercize Wheel of Knowledge Academy Courses. Each Spoke is full of hundreds of pages and videos about how I train New MOMS, Moms to Be, and Moms that are heading to Grand Moms.

Strollercize is NOT bootcamp, crossfit or exercises copied from YouTube. It is Strollercize. It has it’s own language and it has very special exercise calls and cues. Our Moms, our Members in our  “Hood” know what we are “Calling” in the class and the Moms get fit very fast with how we train our Moms; Safe, effective and extremely fun.  New Moms, comes to Strollercize because it is not a regular class. It is a system with a unique language only the New Mom of Strollercize can understand.


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After 20 years teaching Moms and Dads how to use a stroller to get fit, I noticed some serious problems about their stroller driving skills! Parents bought the stroller (Some of them very expensive!), they picked the perfect color and all of the accessories and attachments to fully stock the stroller. But they did not take The STROLLERCIZE DRIVERS TEST! Why? There was NOT one out there! You have to take a test to drive a car, Right? So why not a stroller? That precious GIFT is in that four wheeled transportation device. If you need a test to drive a car, you need a test to drive a stroller!

Stride It Baby

What I saw in all my Strollercize classes over the years was pretty scary. It is one thing for a New Mom to be postpartum, overwhelmed and I get that, but she had to have her driving game on to keep her strolling style safe. There is a lot to be aware of in stroller pushing savvy! Fold it, lock it, push it, turn it, pack it and pull it are just a few of the wheel moves.  What is a Mother to DO? Mom is in overdrive with life and that makes her a dangerous stroller Pusher!  I know, cause this is HOW Strollercize got started!

Once upon a time,  I was an Ignorant Stroller Pusher! I was Stuck with a large bulky pram that was part of my life for the next four years. Than I had a second child and another four years.  Right when I was almost stroller free at eight years, I got pregnant at 40! Four More Years!  Besides all the strollers I have seen in my Strollercize Business Life Time, I had a stroller in my hands till I was 44 years OLD. Than I turned the stroller into a Shopping Cart! That is why they called me the Pram Pushing Princess of NYC!

keep clear Wheels are Rolling

So for every child, you get another Four More Years. Are you with me on the Math? I called my stroller the Four Wheeled “Monster Machine”! Not the baby, the stroller. So with my knowledge, I created a Strollercize Driving Test. So Moms, Dads, Babysitters can not only drive their strollers with safety, but push without straining their bodies; Neck, Wrists, Shoulders and does that count the “Mind”? Just think most Moms push the stroller first, right into the street as they stay standing on the curb! Really! Think! Think! How dangerous that it! What about Folding it, that is a back “cruncher” for sure! Lifting it? Oh yeh most New Moms have taken weight lifting classes while they were pregnant. Right!

The Strollercize Driving Test is similar to a  Drivers test (For A Car). The questions are there to make you think. Not to say you are doing it wrong, just to make you think. The worst thing that could happen? You could get a S.W.I. “STROLLING WHILE IGNORANT”. The Ticket is this, just a Warning, Learn how to use and stroll your stroller and that BABY with safety for the stroller and passenger and you and your body!

See how you do and may I suggest that”Strangers” that Push your stroller take the test too!


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WHEEL SEX by Strollercize®

Spoke53tummyrumMost New Moms stay away from sex after having a baby. This is NOT “Strollerwize” if you want to have a healthy and ‘Fit’ marriage. Sex is a great workout! You may be too tired or have lost interest after having a baby but you need to put it in the schedule! Give your partner a treat. Let him know that yes you are tired but you know who the “Wheel” baby in the house is and give him a little cuddle time. Being fit is having a Wheel Fit Sex life after baby!
Who gets Oxygen first on a airplane? Mom, Dad or Baby? If you are a Strollercize Mom, you know the Creed.

Mom is #1
Dad is #2
Baby is #3
Animals are #4
Shopping should be up there but we will give it a #10.

Why Stroll Fit with Strollercize ? Because we believe in a healthy family.
The Picture above is a Mom Squeezing her “RollerSizeR’ between her thighs while she is in the “Teeter Totter” C Core Cup! Um… Sexy!

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“Wrist” Way To Push a Stroller?

When you “Take the Wheel”, in a car you sit behind the steering “Wheel” and hopefully put your hands on 10 and 2. You are in the proper position to drive you car if your were taking the test! But what about the proper position when you are driving your stroller?  The hands and wrists have a proper spot too! But it is even more complicated. The Handle Bars need to be adjusted for proper height, the hands need to me placed in front of the shoulders and a tad wider than the shoulder and the wrists? Now this is where it can get painful on every “Push”!

Our Strollercize® Certified Instructors are taught to watch for “Wrist Alignment” in not only Pushing The Stroller but also in doing “Push” Ups. Moms, Dads and those that “Push a Pram”, keep your wrists straight as if you are going to “Punch” something or someone. Maybe the sales person who sold you that stroller! Did they “Fit” you with your stroller before you put down the big bucks? No, You were just worried about the color, the style and the comfort of the baby, Right?  But, comfort for the Mom and her body and her joints is just as important.

If your wrists begin to hurt or you get a “ITIS” of sorts, do not blame your age, old injury or opening baby bottles (Well Maybe), blame how you are holding that handle bar and pushing your stroller! Blame yourself for not working out your forearms! Blame the Baby Gods! Go get that stroller and SIZE it up. Adjust the height and go knock off a few Push Ups on the kitchen sink, like about 40. Now you are ready to PUSH ON and hopefully your now “Wrist Way” You are going!

Here is a great Link that talks about Carpal Tunnel. This is a very common  ache and pain for a New Mom. Notice they do NOT bring up a stroller:( That is Y Strollercize!






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Time Flys When You Stroll Fit and Stride Forward With A Stroller

Just pushing the stroller with a faster gate can burn calories faster than a regular stroll. But just like any walk, run or jog you have to warm-up! The lower back takes on a lot of new stress when a women becomes a Mom. Now she is picking up baby, carrying baby, pushing baby and pushing the stroller. Once the warm up is done, get your hands placed on the handle bar (Not a two handed stroller, please, too hard on the wrists!), wrists straight, elbows out a bit, lift that chest, chin and keep you eyes on the road and make sure you turn your head right and left.

There are treadmills, bikes, stair masters, rowers and the fitness machines list goes on, but there is one more fitness apparatus on the market, your stroller! Go Push On!

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